A poetic plea – Be Their Voice!

Be their Voice!

The sounds of the choppers
Are heard on the breeze
Combing the wild bush country
Where the brumbies they’ll seize

In an undercover mission
Our Governments employ
These murderous bastards
To gun down and destroy

Illustration from Brumbies in the Mountains by Rowena Evans

Illustration from Brumbies in the Mountains by Rowena Evans

A foal lays there in agony
A mare she hits the ground
The stallion didn’t stand a chance
As they gunned him down

Their peaceful home invaded
Like a war torn country scene
Shattered bodies on the ground
Many wounded could be seen

They leave the wounded and the dead
Strewn across the open plain
Then bragged about the culling
And when they’ll shoot them down again

Well across the whole Australia
From the north and to the south
East and west they’ll meet their death
And this is without a doubt

So many people turn their backs
Close their ears and their eyes
They don’t seem to give a damn
How the brumby dies

But they comment on the postings
Placed up by those who care
And don’t sign the petitions
Just hit the button that says share

Well to me my heart is bleeding
And dies each time a brumbies culled
And the sounds of hooves of thunder
Across Australia will soon be lulled

So unless we stand together
We will never change a thing
And the Government will go on killing
And no more will the brumby sing

So as you close your eyes and sleep tonight
I hope you do sleep well
And your conscience doesn’t keep you up
Knowing another brumby fell

By Julie-Anne Avenell©

This work may not be copied or re-used without the permission of Julie-Anne Avenell.


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