Poetry by Julie-Anne Avenell – The Plight of the Brumbies

The Plight of the Brumbies

I just don’t understandIce at Badja
The Government of today
Killing off all our brumbies
Throwing our heritage away

They carried our explorers
Over deserts rough terrains
Enduring all sorts of weather
And never falling at the reins

Blaxland Wentworth Lawson
Travelled the Great Divide
On the back of an Aussie brumby
Surefooted a safe ride

They went to places no man
Had ever been before
On the back of a trusted brumby
That made it easy to explore

Yet the Government won’t acknowledge
The value of this steed
They’re willing to cut it down
And destroy it just for greed

The old diggers still alive do talk
About this horse of war
How it carried every soldier
And touched their hearts to its core

Their tears still flow in heartache
For they had to leave behind
Their mate their pal their buddy
It was one of a bloody kind

And the Government left their bodies
On the shores of a foreign land
That’s the thanks they gave them
They became the worthless and the dammed

Now the years have passed and still
Our heritage is slaughtered
Not by the arms of the enemy
But! by our Government it is tortured

The Government has no heart at all
No regard for what is right
They’ll give the order heartlessly
To slaughter more tonight

Mares in foal or foals at foot
The shooters they don’t care
What the Aussie Government’s doing
Is disgusting so unfair

They are killing off their heritage
And their grandkids will never see
The beauty of the wild bush brumbies
A true Aussie running free

By Julie-Anne Avenell©

 This work may not be copied or re-used without permission of Julie-Anne Avenell.

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