The Australian Brumby by Julie-Anne Avenell

The Australian Brumby

They travel over the Great Divide of rugged mountains high
Sure footed for the treacherous mountains where danger lies
All the feed is scarce, with the drought now in their midst
They travel for many miles a day encountering many risks

Their manes long and flowing their tails in the air held high
Magnificent horses travelling the Australian land with pride
The rivers where they’d drink are now becoming parched and dry
And so they seek the farmlands in the valleys just so not to die

The farmers’ fences of barbed wire are the cause for many deathsHorses in dam
As they try to forge their way to dams to quench their dying thirst
The foals so weak can barely travel the Great Dividing Range
But their mothers guide and protect as they forage for pasture’s grain

Those horse God had born to His earth of beauty beyond compare
Is the Australian wild brumby that go where no man will ever dare
They were captured broken and sent to war across the oceans wide
Fighting with all their courage protecting their riders for who’d they die

Many lost their lives on the plains of destruction and worthless ground
No one could ever imagine the qualities in these horses found
The mighty beautiful brumby with its heart that no man could ever deny
Deserves recognition yet in his own country you can hear the brumby cry

They shoot them from the skies and with no thought to where they aimed
Over grazing they say’s the cause, for this undignified way, they blamed
But I know that God sees the truth and one day he will return to claim
His magnificent courageous spirited brumby that man has slain in vain

Because of greed and hate of man they over take without heart or soul
They kill the earth for pleasure not worth, don’t care ’bout mare or foal
And when God’s heavens open up man will surely regret the day
That he destroyed the beautiful brumby that God in all his glory had made

By Julie-Anne Avenell

This work may not be copied or re-used without permission of Julie-Anne Avenell.

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