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The Red Roan – protecting his mares

At the Tom Quilty 50th Anniversary National Endurance Championships over the June long weekend I was stunned to meet a fellow who knew the red roan stallion that features on the cover of Brumbies in the Mountains.

The photo was taken by Virginia Barrow Harman from the USA when she came to Australia on holiday. Riding over Kosciusko National Park with Cochran Horse Treks, she was able to get a wonderful shot of this magnificent horse. When I saw the shot on Facebook I immediately knew I wanted it for the cover of the final in the Brumbies series.

IFWG Australia, my publisher, contacted Virginia and permission was granted to use the photo. Then I realised I didn’t have a red roan in the story! That was soon fixed.

When the gentleman at the Quilty identified the stallion he was able to confirm that he often saw this brumby at the location where the photo had been taken. It was definitely the same horse. He went on to tell me how this wonderful wild horse would bring his small band of mares (usually seven or eight) to the safety of the nearby homestead whenever a muster was in progress. The musterers weren’t permitted to round up horses at the homestead, thus ensuring this stallion’s herd remained free.

He is a prime example of how smart Australia’s brumbies are, a truly remarkable horse.Red roan small

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