Guest post

A Plea for Help: Brumby homes needed

This is a guest post. Please respond to the email address at the bottom, not to Brumbies Novels.
My name is Marlene from Victoria and I recently learnt of the plight of the Victorian brumbies (- i.e. the government’s plan to “remove” an increased number of brumbies from the Victorian Alpine National Park over the next 3 years.)

I am now trying to find ways to help them if the government does not decide to halt it’s “passive trapping” program – which, as many/all of you probably know, is scheduled to start soon, I believe.
IMG_0091My understanding of the issue is that one of the problems the brumbies face is that there are currently not enough re-homers / re-homing groups to accept all the brumbies caught (and I understand that those who cannot be re-homed would not survive.)
Hence, I am trying to find suitable persons who :
– might be able to give a brumby a “forever” home and have him / her gentled (trained) by a suitable trainer : for example, a horse savvy “empty nest” couple who would be mindful of the safety / welfare of the brumby as well as humans and pets / animals the brumby might be around….. who have a rather peaceful property (with pens / yards / shelter suitable for a wild horse)…. and who could afford to (humanely) gentle and care for one or more brumbies in an appropriate manner (taking into consideration the unique psyche, habits etc of wild horses)
or, alternatively, who
– could agist / foster / gentle the brumby in a manner suited to a wild horse and then find a good forever home for him / her.
i.e. offer the brumby, or brumbies, a suitable “temporary home” at the time he/she is trapped.
I am therefore wondering please if you would know of any such person/s in Victoria (or NSW e.g near the border of Vic.) Ideally, it would be wonderful if any such persons had had prior experience with brumbies eg attended a brumby gentling course, worked with brumbies, re-homed other brumbies etc.

As you probably also know, I believe any person/s interested in / wanting to re-home a brumby would need to become registered as a re-homer. I could send you the email address’s of two persons that might be able to help regarding this process (- or, alternatively, one could contact/make enquiries with Parks Victoria main office.)

If anyone therefore would be able to help re the above, either now or in the future, if you could please let me know, that would be wonderful / much appreciated, thank you.

Though I am “new to the brumby scene” I could try and answer any questions you might have or possibly redirect people to persons with more experience / knowledge regarding re-homing / gentling brumbies Furthermore, if anyone would be happy to possibly help the brumbies in other ways (now or in the future) and wishes to discuss this option, could you please also just let me know. (e.g. supplying a horse transport truck, provide discounted or free gentling services, provide (suitable) land to agist a brumby, supply labour / material to build suitable pens/shelters, fund raise for transportation costs (petrol) etc ) It would be wonderful if a “brumby rescue network” of sorts (or another one, if others already exist) could be established where resources are combined to try and humanely / safely rescue and re-home brumbies.

Thank you.

(A horse lover from Vic)