Brumbies Launch

Saturday November 19, 2011. Over eighty people attended the launch of the first of five novels in the Brumbies series being published by IFWG Publishing (Australia). Brumbies was formally launched by local horseman and former Member of Parliament Peter Cochran at the Raglan Gallery, Cooma, NSW Australia.

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Peter Cochran is descended from a pioneer family that settled in Yaouk in the 1850s on what is now the edge of Kosciusko National Park in the Snowy Mountains. Peter made his first trip across the mountains at eighteen months of age on the pommel of his mother’s saddle. Since then, he has been a Vietnam veteran, the Mayor of Cooma and local Federal Member of Parliament. These days, Peter is busy with his family’s horse trekking and motel business.

Peter spoke about how the wild horses of Australia came to live in the Snowy Mountains, sharing his experience of their lifestyles in the wild. He claimed that the Brumbies novel captured real life and that the author demonstrated an in-depth understanding of horses. Peter hoped that Brumbies would play a significant role in assisting young readers to understand the issues surrounding horses in Australia’s natural parks and thus protect this important part of pioneer heritage.

Paula Boer thanked those people who had helped in the creation of the book, including IFWG Chief Editor Gerry Huntman, proof-reader Heather Frisken and young reviewers Ursula Minear, Chloe Campbell, and Amy and Victoria Evans. She also presented a copy of the novel to Zoe Bullmore to whom the book is dedicated. Rowena Evans shared the process of developing an illustrated book and how the map of the realistic but fictional environment helped in the creation of this exciting adventure.

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